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Helping Heads | Herausforderung

Why | Your Challenges


You would like to validate a business case for introducing a recruiting program or an applicant management system? You need reliable statements about implementation times and necessary resources? You want support from a neutral partner for the RfX process who is able to evaluate providers and tools based on your requirements? You are facing challenges in the complexity of many stakeholders – nationally or internationally? Use our expertise to lay ground for a successful implementation of your e-recruiting solution. ​

Benefit from our expertise as a foundation for a successfull recruiting program.​


Helping Head | Prozessanalyse

Program Assessment | Get started

Deep Dive

With a structured approach, we collect information about the recruitment process – this includes the number of vacancies, but also the corresponding job categories and filling times, as well as the challenges of the departments involved. We also identify other affected processes and IT systems. At the same time, we analyze the user-friendliness of the application process for candidates.n.​

Readiness Assessment

With the help of a business readiness assessment, we evaluate the effort you have to consider achieving your business objectives.

RfX & Business Case

After the overall processes has been defined, we support the entire RfX process with applicant management systems providers (ATS) or recruiting service providers (RPO).

Helping Heads | Transformation

Program Implementation | Get things done

Integration Design

For your users you would like to make working with the new system as easy and pleasant as possible? You are considering an integration into your existing IT infrastructure? Together with your IT experts and the integration specialists of your tool provider, we develop the optimal integration solution for your existing IT infrastructure. We ensure data integrity and avoid media breaks along the process chain.

Process Design

You want to control your recruiting process with the support of an applicant tracking system? In this case it is not sufficient to shift the existing processes into a new system. If you want to leverage the full potential of your applicant tracking system, you need to know in advance your user groups, approval processes and involved systems e. g. job boards and multi poster. 


A digital transformation is more than just integrating existing processes into a new system. With our experience and best practices, we configure the system and adapt your processes to leverage the full potential of your new application tracking system.

Project Management

The implementation of a recruiting program involves stakeholders from almost all areas of the company. Combined with the technical complexity, a professional project management is essential. We believe that project management is more than just maintaining plans – it is about aligning processes and people in a structured way without losing agility.​

Change Management

With the introduction of an applicant management system, you make changes in the work processes. To ensure that these changes are successfully implemented in the organization, we believe that change must take place in a trusting, consistent and transparent manner. To achieve this, we use best practices and methodologies. The creation and introduction of a program brand and using of existing communication channels are only a few elements we apply.


Training is important so that your organization can make full use of the new system. We can help you create a training plan that meets your needs, develop training materials and conduct training events. We can also help you establishing self-learning methods – video-based online training and e-learning modules enable users to work efficiently and in line with legislation and processes.

Helping Heads | Optimize

Program Optimization | Service Excellence


We analyze your existing organizational and technical setup. Typically, technology evolves over the time your program is life and provide options to create additional business value. This might be based on a higher degree of automatization or by optimizing a data driven control process.


Interpretation of data is one of the core tasks for data-based decisions and effective control processes. Too often, due to a lack of capacity, time or knowledge, it is not understood how a business benefit can be derived from the available data. We help you understand your data, derive information that will help you on your way to total workforce and expenditure management.


At a certain maturity level of your flexible recruiting program it might make sense to combine internal and external workforce and spend management. Higher integration with HR and procurement systems (e.g. integrate SuccessFactors, Fieldglass, Ariba) provides full control of your entire human capital.