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According to our believe, that only the aligned interaction of people, processes and technology delivers the optimum result, we formed our network accordingly.
Our partner network joins industry experts and cutting-edge tool providers. Together we can offer the full scope around flexible workforce management programs. Full scope means that we not only deliver the core services but also services in associated areas to create the maximum benefit for our clients.

Vendor Management System Total Workforce Management on international scale

Vendor Management System Solution for German Temp Labor Market

Talent Management | The ultimate Talent Experience

Helping Heads und Vista Projects

Certified Project Managment for Business Success

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The world’s first and only Experience-Driven Onboarding and Translations Platform



We have a long-term collaboration with SAP Fieldglass. For more than eight years we implement SAP Fieldglass to support Total Workforce Management Programs. Especially the localization for the German market and the continuous efficiency improvement are the main focus areas.

Company Description: SAP Fieldglass provides the industry’s leading technology for services procurement and external workforce management. More than 400 global businesses, including GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto and Rio Tinto, leverage SAP Fieldglass’ cloud-based services solution to gain visibility into external labor, projectbased services including Statements of Work (SOWs), independent contractors and additional flexible talent pools. With the visibility provided by the SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS), organizations are able to maximize cost savings, worker quality, compliance and program efficiencies. Procurement and HR professionals partner with SAP Fieldglass to develop talent and spend management strategies necessary to create best-in-class workforce programs.

For further Information visit www.fieldglass.com or www.fieldglass.com/blog


We have an in-depth partnership with Cornerstone to implement TalentLink. We support client projects and cover the entire system integration as well. We extend the service offerings for adjacent topics in Talent Management to maximize the business benefits for our joint customers.

Company Description: At Cornerstone, we know that every organization has the potential to be a great place to work, and no matter what your business does, or who you serve, or what you sell, success starts with your people. But in today’s diverse, mobile, social world, successful organizations must deliver an experience at work that’s more connected, and more personal than ever before. And the most successful do this with Cornerstone. Because we combine the science of talent with intelligent technology to deliver a “just-for-me” talent experience for every individual – in the moments that matter most. With powerful tools and insights talent leaders need to prove the experience makes an impact on business success. So from attracting candidates who are the perfect fit, to designing paths for personal growth, to creating a culture that nurtures the unique talents of every individual, Cornerstone helps you give your people and teams the message: Work to your strengths. Work like you envision. Work like it’s personal. Work like you.

Learn more at www.cornerstoneondemand.com

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According to our believe, that only the aligned interaction of people, processes and technology delivers the optimum result, we built a partnership with WalkMe. We are implementing WalkMe’s software as an overlay on the IT-Tool to empower users to keep pace with technology by enabling true digital adoption..

Firmenbeschreibung: WalkMe hat Pionierarbeit auf dem Gebiet der digitalen Adaptationsplattformen (DAP) geleistet, deren Ziel es ist, das User-Erlebnis von Softwareanwendungen zu verbessern. Die von WalkMe entwickelte Technologie, ein transparentes Overlay, verknüpft künstliche Intelligenz, Automation, User-Engagement und Real-Time Handlungsanweisungen, um Usern die Bedienung von Unternehmenssoftware, mobilen Anwendungen oder Websites zu vereinfachen. So verbessern Sie nicht nur Produktivität und Effizienz, sondern können zudem Informationen zum Benutzerverhalten erheben. WalkMe wurde 2011 gegründet und wird weltweit von etwa 2000 Unternehmen eingesetzt, darunter 30% der Fortune-500-Unternehmen. 

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.walkme.com


Together with HR4YOU we provide a best fit solution to cover the specific legal requirement of the German temp labor law. Especially the complex tariff structures, rules for surcharges and equal pay can be applied efficiently.

Company Description: HR logistic – from requisition to invoicing,the HR4YOU-VMS is offered as an individual web based software solution for companies or managed service providers. The only prerequisite is an internet access. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, a fast implementation of the solution and ease of use can be ensured. Cover the complete range of HR logistic with a single solution:

  • Order process (individual or pool)
  • Approval process (flexible or fixed multi stages)
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier Account
  • Order/Assignment management
  • Time capture
  • Invoicing

For further information visit www.hr4you.de

Helping Heads und Vista Projects


Mit Vistaprojects führen wir gemeinsam Projekt-Management-Methoden im Unternehmen ein und unterstützen komplexe Projekte durch umfassende Methodenkompetenz – ob agil, als Wasserfallmodell oder als Kombination aus beidem.

Firmenbeschreibung: Die fachmännische Planung und Steuerung von Projekten nach erprobten Projektmanagementmethoden und Best Practice Ansätzen ist ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor für die Projektzielerreichung. Jedes geplante Projektvorhaben sollte fachmännisch gemanagt und gesteuert werden. Das durch die Durchführung des Projektes gewünschte Ergebnis/Ziel hängt neben den fachlichen Expertisen der Projektteilnehmer wesentlich von einer fachmännischen Leitung des Vorhabens ab. Gerade komplexe Projekte mit vielen verschiedenen Projektbeteiligten verlieren sich häufig in kleinteiligen Arbeitsschritten und komplexen Kommunikationsabläufen, die den Blick auf die übergeordneten Ziele und Terminvorgaben verstellen.

Learn more at www.vistaprojects.de


We work in a close partnership with Enboarder to implement an end to end process. With Enboarder we complete the system landscape of Applicant Tracking and Vendor Management Systems.

Company Description: As a B2B SaaS HR tech company, we transform employee onboarding into an ongoing, engaging, rich and consistent experience. That’s why we call it ‘experience-driven’ onboarding. By providing all the tools necessary for organizations to maximize employee engagement for today’s digital generation, we enable HR to design beautiful, engaging digital content that delivers automatically along bespoke timelines straight to mobile.

For further information visit www.enboarder.com